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Post  TheArcher on August 14th 2011, 4:54 am

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Want to Refer to This Guide? Use This Link!:

In the deep depths of a mind of a man in Sweden named "Markus Persson", a game called "Minecraft" was born. Its point? Indeterminable. It's quality? Addictive. But alas, as though unavoidable, confining to Murphy's law, or perhaps even both, problems arise. A few such mishaps are explained in gratuitous detail here:

i get errUR about RAM. wat is problem, ram is fine: So You Want to Run Minecraft Rammg

How do you fix these issues, these quarrelsome quandaries, these pungent predicaments? By running Minecraft with more RAM, of course! No, not the animal, "Random-Access Memory". How do you do this? Well, here's a tutorial!:


  • You must have successfully ran and logged into Minecraft at least once.
  • You must have WinRAR, 7-Zip, or any other program that can open "minecraft.jar".
  • You must have the 64-bit version of Java. You can download it here.

[*]Download and extract the launcher:
[*]Download "minecraft.jar" and put it into the launcher folder:
[*]Download "OptiFine" and extract it into a single folder.
[*]Open the "minecraft.jar" in the ".minecraft" folder, found in "AppData" (to get there fast type "%appdata%" into your search bar and press "Enter") with WinRAR or a similar program and place all of the files from the OptiFine folder into it. Delete the "META-INF" folder.
[*]Edit the "launcher.bat" file in the Minecraft Launcher folder with a program such as Notepad and edit it to your preferences. "-Xms512M" is the initially allocated amount of RAM. "-Xmx1024M" is the maximum amount of RAM Minecraft can use.
[*]Start "launcher.bat". Congratulations, Minecraft is running with your specified amount of RAM! Now you can run Minecraft much faster and even play texture packs that are 512x512 (like the one pictured above)! There is also no need to patch Minecraft to run higher-than-16x16 resolution texture packs! And to top it off, you get many more customization options in the Minecraft menu!

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